A Smartphone Mount That Helps You Capture The Moment With Facial Tracking, Automated Videos and Pictures, Timelapse and Panoramas


  • Full Feature App

    Picbot comes with a full feature app for timelapse, panorama, smile-detection, photo filters, and more.

  • 360 Auto Rotation

    Picbot can swivel a full 360 degrees, allowing you to take breathtaking panoramas and timelapses.

  • Face Tracking

    Picbot has built in facial tracking software, so you have a personal automated robot to help you snap photos and record videos.

Create Movie Moments

Picbot can help you capture automated time-lapse on your mobile phone with facial tracking. Control the mount during time-lapse with a controller.

All Eyes on You

Picbot's Facial Tracking feature can center on a subject while tracking up to three faces at the same time. It can even track moving subjects and adjust itself a full 360 degrees while live filming!

Hands Free

The Picbot can continuously rotate 360 degrees in either direction. With smooth rotation, you can use automated or manual settings to capture in all directions with steady recordings.

The Perfect Panorama

Center the frame and Picbot will automatically initiate the panorama photo sequence. Capture your surroundings just by setting up the Picbot device and jumping into frame!

Still Motion Capture

When the subject is in frame and still, Picbot will automatically initiate a countdown timer to snap the photo or start a video. Capturing self and group photos while being in frame could never be easier.

Stand Ready

Picbot comes with a standard 1/4" thread standard mount for tripods and stands right out of the box. No extra acessories required.

Bluetooth Controller

Pair the included bluetooth controller when you want to take manual control instead of the automated settings. You can spin, adjust the zoom, initiate video and photos with the controller.

Full Feature App

In addition to its recording features, the Picbot app also contains built in filters and editing options. Enhance your photos without ever leaving the app.

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Does Picbot work with and iPhone?

Yes, it is compatible with iOS 7 and above.

Is the Picbot App Android Compatible?

Yes, Android 4.3 and up.

Can we mount horizontally and vertically?

Yes, you can mount your smartphone both ways and use the functions both ways also.

Can you use both the front camera and back camera?

Yes, all functions work from each camera.

Can my phone angle be adjusted on the mount?

When the phone is mounted, it can be adjusted at 70 degrees to 110 degrees with 10 degree locking positions in between. The mini tripod also provides a much more wider range of angles when the Picbot is mounted to cover your desired recording view.

Can you use the facial tracking during Facebook Live streaming

The facial tracking does not work when using other applications, only in the Picbot app. You can manually control the Picbot when using other applications with a bluetooth controller.

How long does the Picbot operate on a single charge?

You can use the Picbot to record pictures and videos for 6 hours.

What is the charging time?

Picbot takes 2 hours to charge.

Can I use a external power source or power bank to extend the battery life?

Yes, you can attach a battery pack to extend the use time of the Picbot.

Can I mount my phone with a phone case on?

Yes, the Picbot allows for a range of maximum 7-9mm thickness with phone and case combination.

Can you mount a Tablet or iPad on the Picbot?

No, the Picbot was intended for phones with maximum weight support of 200 grams.

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